Bespoke fitted wardrobes from Italy

At Roots our main range of bespoke fitted bedroom wardrobes is made by Novamobili in Italy. Being bespoke means delivery takes 8 weeks from order but also means you get to customise your furniture to suit your needs exactly.

You can visit our showroom to view our bedroom furniture display but as a taster of what can be achieved here are a few examples.

Let’s start with the simple Alfa door style

In this picture it is the epitome of normal. A simple clean lined white door…

… until we add the option of slanted doors for sloping ceilings…

… and a choice of over 50 colours and materials…

…followed by, curved doors! …

and to Alfa door range we add the other ranges of Crystal, Gola, Liberty, Perry, Plisse, Stave, Thick, Unika and Vico all of which have more options of colour and material. This huge amount of choice lets us design furniture to fit your room prefectly. Ready for more? how about…

For a luxury walk in wardrobe, this is the door style ‘Perry’

There are two things I’d like you to noticed in this gorgeous walk in wardrobe

Firstly the framed glass doors. These have a tint called ‘stop-sol’ that prevents UV light damage to clothes but still allows you to see the contents of your wardrobe

Second is not the neat storage chest in the middle of the room, but look more closely and you might notice the lighting built into the cabinet sides that help you see everything in your wardrobe. The lighting is fitted to a purpose made groove on the aluminium front profile of this furniture and if that sounds confusing don’t worry as we have this door in one of our displays so you can see how it works close up. It’s sublime, they even angle the LED in towards the back of the cabinet rather than lay it flat on the profile.

Still with me?

OK so if you’re still with me, there’s lots more

For example how there’s a range of accessories like the shelves you see on the left of this wardrobe. All of this is customisable to suit your bedroom.

This door needs to be seen in person, it’s called “Thick” I guess because it’s thicker than a normal door (3cm rather than the normal 2cm of cabinet doors) and the timber handle adds to the solid feel of the furniture.

And finally

There are a lot of options to customise the wardrobe interior to suit your needs. From pull out shoe racks, internal drawers, illuminated hanging rails, laundry baskets and more. This is the type of furniture that makes you want to leave the office and go home to relax in your new happy place. Unless you’re me (Steve Root) as I’ve got this furniture on display at my work so I’m always in a happy place.

Thanks for reading this far. I do hope you can visit our showroom between Faversham and Canterbury and see this furniture in person. If you can call us before you visit we’ll make sure the right Rootie is here to answer all the questions you think of too.