Supply to Roots

If you would like to supply products or services to Roots, this is is the best place to start.

Things we are not interested in

  • Insurance
  • Utilities (phone, electric, gas)
  • Leasing (vehicles, photo copiers)
  • SEO services

Everything else:

Email Steve Root directly and let’s start a conversation.
To prevent spam, this email address changes from time to time. Therefore do not add this email address to mailing lists as all of your email will get filtered as spam. Do not send generic marketing emails, if the content is not relevant to Roots future emails will be filtered as spam

I’m an on the road sales rep, can I visit without an appointment?

It works much better for everyone if you email Steve first, but you are welcome to have a look round the showroom to see if your products will work alongside the things we already do.