Privacy Policy

Updated 24th April 2018 to reflect the GDPR

Specific to this web site:

Cookies are used for this web site to function (GDPR Legitimate Interest clauses). We do not use and have no access to personally identifiable information from these cookies although it may be possible for the service providers to identify you if interact with them through other websites.

Cookies we know that may be in use are:

  • (our domain, set by default and normally empty but used if you set options like “dark mode” when browsing the site)
  •, & (for site usage analytics and performance tracking of adverts we run from time to time)
  • for embedded videos (the default setting is to show cached thumbnails where possible and only for your browser to load from if you click to watch a video).

We don’t have a way to disable these cookies but you can do so via your browser settings or with adblockers

Within our business

The lawful bases for processing data for most of our interactions fall within “Contract”.

We collect names, addresses, payment information, contact information, associated history of products quoted and supplied and other information in order to provide our services. As well as for the time we supply products to you we keep records to enable us to answer future service requests you may have. For example in the past we have been contacted by manufacturers for a product recall and we have then written to customers to inform them of the recall (you would still hear directly if you have registered your appliance with a manufacturer)

Some of our processing comes under “legal obligation” for example in compiling our accounts to report to HMRC

Finally, under “Legitimate Interests” we operate a CCTV system at our showroom in Faversham which operates under “Legitimate Interests”, specifically crime prevention and reporting.

Some things we don’t do

We don’t operate any direct marketing email or postal lists, we don’t buy, sell, share or trade any data.

Photos used on this web site

Copyright: Photos on this website were taken by Roots of work that we’ve carried out. If you would like to use any of them please email