We’re a small family business that gets excited and passionate about our work. Occasionally that energy turns into a video. Here are some our favourites and you can see them all on our YouTube channel

We test the effectiveness of extractors that are built into hobs (instead of placed overhead)
Do self cleaning ovens work? We test Pyrolytic & Catalytic self cleaning ovens
Chubb Everyday Safe unboxing and setup
First ever induction range cooker with built in extractor/hood/venting hob – now in UK!
Can adding steam during baking improve your cooking? Let's experiment! (Testing Neff Variosteam)
Why you can (probably) do better than an electric shower
We test extractor noise level for hobs with built in extractors
Testing shower wall panels for your bathroom
Miele DGC6600XL – can it boil eggs better than a saucepan?
Black and Brass kitchen design with amazing worktop detail
Neff Slide and Hide – fixing the oven door hinge
Is this a tap or Faucet? plus our favourite filtered drinking water faucet/tap
What boils water faster? Electric Kettle vs Induction Hob
Spilling a pan of Bolognese sauce into a cooktop / venting / downdraft / countertop hob extractor
In less than 60 Seconds, how to adjust cabinet hinges on kitchen doors
In less than 60 seconds, Where is the model and serial number on a neff oven?
Cooking a full meal in the Miele DGC 6600 XL combination steam oven