Design details: Accessible and hidden storage

We put a lot of effort into our kitchen designs. That’s easy to say but today I’m going to show examples in a room we recently designed, supplied and installed.

Let’s skip the parts of making sure there’s a dishwasher, fridge, hob, place to prepare food – they’re obvious. I want to focus on the tall shallow unit and radiator by the back doors.

The kitchen has large patio doors into the garden as is used as the main access to outside. That means people will come in and out through that door so they’ll need somewhere to put shoes and coats. Not as large as the space allowed by a front door, but nevertheless know we’ll have shoes and coats, so in a moment we’ll show how we incorporated that use into the design.

The most noticeable item in the photos of this area is the bespoke, shallow depth bi-fold opening storage cabinet. This cabinet isn’t available from the furniture manufacturer but we’re able to combine furniture fittings and component parts on site to make cabinets like this. It allowed us to make a really useful and effective storage solution in this space.

The second most notable item is the radiator. It’s a Zehnder Charleston radiator in ‘Technoline’ finish. This has the raw metal cleaned and lacquer coated without additional colour. I love being able to see the laser welded joins on this radiator and it works really well with the metallic styled cabinet doors.

The third part is so subtle you may not even notice. There’s a slim gap between the cabinet and radiator which allows access to a space perfect for hanging a couple of coats, hiding the outdoor shoes and the all import kitchen apron. We built a short new stud wall to mount the radiator upon and create this useful space because a room from Roots is more than just furniture.