How to Remove a Neff Slide & Hide Oven Door (and fix it when it goes wrong)

This post is available as a video too, and there is a follow video showing how to fix the hinge when it comes apart

The door on this oven opens and slides underneath the cooking cavity.

After a customer called us struggling with this even after reading the instructions, I thought I’d do try it myself on our showroom oven. It took about five minutes but only once I figured out what I was doing after a 40 minute first try.

What you will need :

– The oven Instructions

– Screwdriver

– A Coin

Firstly, use the screwdriver to rotate both plastic retaining/locking pins on the bottom corners, either side.

Open door to 45 degrees. Inside the oven on the two bottom corners are two little slots. Turn them with the coin so they are both pointing to the back of the oven. This should lock the door into place.

Then you can lift the door off of its hinges.

To replace the door we do exactly the same again.

The slots down the side of the door need to go over the three circular shaped connections. 2 black plastic circles, and one metal silver circle at the bottom which is the one we released at the very first step too remove the door.

Lift the handle slightly as you do it. Door should go right down to the bottom. Release the locks on either side with the coin so they are facing the front again. And slide down the locking pins with the screwdriver.

Why did it take me 40 minutes first time around?

When I returned the door onto the hinge I missed the metal silver circle at the bottom and pushed it slightly further behind as I put the door in. I released the hinges, opened the door and slid it underneath the oven and the silver rolling set went all the way to the back and stayed at the back when I closed the door. So it was loose and wasn’t opening properly.

Once I released it was at he back I was able to retrieve it and bring it to the front. Then it needs to go back under the little claw shape that normally holds it in place so when it was in that position I could put it back on as the instructions said. The instructions are clear, just remember to follow them closely to avoid what I originally did.