Expedition W3W

Steve Root climbs the Kitchens.Bedrooms.Bathrooms mountain

Update 16th August – The adventure begins! Steve is flying to Corsica today. Check our YouTube and Instagram for the latest.

Steve Root is planning to climb a mountain just because What3Words randomly named a 3 metre square there called “Kitchens.Bedrooms.Bathrooms”, so he can declare it Roots Kitchens.Bedrooms.Bathrooms!

Watch this video on YouTube.

If you’d like to make a donation to encourage him,
here’s the donation page on the Charities Trust website.
All the money you donate will be split equally between 3 charities, MapAction, Oasis and Mankind.

Nerd bonus: The video is 243 seconds long, find out why by reading the description on youtube

Thank you for all your donations so far. For suppliers that have made a donation I promised to link to you all from here.

A Big Plug for…

Based in Northern Ireland, the patented SENSTEC Anti-Slip Shower Trays have been designed to deliver superior grip which greatly reduces the risk of slipping in the shower.
As they donated the most I’ll be making a YouTube video about anti-slip trays whilst trying not to slip of a mountain – how apt!

Der Kreis is the UK’s largest independent kitchen and bathroom buying group, helping UK KBB businesses reach their full potential.
[Der Kreis were also the 1st big plug sponsor – thanks!]

Barwick Bathroom distribution
Neff home appliances

*any words within my definition of reasonable, eg: nothing offensive but you’re welcome to write yourself a decent product advert in return for your generous donations