Our 5 most popular quartz worktop edge profiles

If you’re choosing quartz or granite worktops you get a choice of edge profiles that can be applied. This post gives our top 5 most popular options

Bevel edge – sometimes called Chamfer edge

Most popular

This edge detail is a small 45 degree polish along the corner of the worktop. You’ll be running your finger along this edge detail as it feels so nice.

Pencil Round

2nd most popular

A small radius similar to the radius of a pencil edge. This used to be the most popular and is the same type of edge as you’ll see on laminate worktops.

Bull nose

This is almost a complete circle on the edge of the worktop. It retains a small edge detail appearing as a line along the top edge giving it definition.

Sharks Nose

Popular with handless kitchens

This worktop has a smooth and thin front edge that falls back towards the underside. (Confession: I’ve no idea if it looks like a sharks nose or not, but that’s what everyone calls it). This is a really useful edge profile on handleless kitchens as it allows a little more space for your fingers to reach the door pulls.

Typically a worktop overhangs the door by around 20mm but on handle less kitchens there is often only a 2-5mm overhang to allow better access for fingers. The sharks nose profile further increases the effective access space. Cabinets are normally pulled away from the wall too, to ensure the worktop depth is still 600mm needed for items like sinks and hobs.


The ogee profile is the least popular but a great choice when matching with more decorative cabinets. It’s a more ornate style of edging that suits in frame kitchens and feature islands.

There are several other edge profiles available but these are the 5 most common choices.

Footnote: The worktop shown in the photos is Caesarstone Vanilla Noir in 20mm thickness and is a new display in our shwroom fitted in April 2021.