Wall hung vs Floor standing toilets + What is a shower toilet?

Often people are sceptical of wall hung toilets. The main worry people have is ‘how safe are wall hung toilets’ ‘will wall hung toilets ever fall off the wall’. Wall hung toilets are very safe as they are fixed to a frame that is secured in the wall, with this frame they can support around 200kg so are very sturdy (the average UK male weighs 83.6KG, source: Office of National Statistics)

There are many advantages to having a wall hung WC. Not only are they modern and stylish they also create more floor space, giving the illusion that you have more space in your bathroom. Having that floor space also allows for easy cleaning, both the WC and floor are easier to wipe down.

Now, how do you feel about shower toilets?

Do you know what a shower toilet is? Would you like to find out more information? If so then please keep reading.

Shower toilets, as deceiving as the name is, is not a toilet that is situated in the shower. Shower toilets are very popular in Japan and nowgrowing in popularity across Europe due to the hygiene benefits that they give. A shower toilet works with an extendable arm that comes from the back of the WC at a touch of a button and sprays you with a warm jet of clean body temperature water. Geberit are a Swiss company that specialises in manufacturing and supplying sanitary wear and related products. They have a series of products called the Aquaclean. There are three different models of Aquaclean so you can choose the right one for you and they do a lot more than just spraying water.

The first is the Tuma, this is available in two different designs, the comfort and the classic which are both available in wall hung or floor standing. Both have the water sprays but there are also many other features, such as a rimless ceramic pan, this creates easy cleaning and less noise when you flush. If you were to choose the Tuma Comfort you add the benefits of having a separate lady shower to clean further forward, a warm air dryer after you use the spray which eliminates the need for toilet paper and even a heated seat for comfort.

Tuma wall hung with concealed cistern
This display shows the strong steel frame and cistern that is normally hidden behind your wall finish

The second is the Sela. The Sela has all the functions of the Tuma Comfort apart form the warm air dryer but it has a more modern and stylish finish.

The third is the Mera, this also comes in two different model versions, the comfort or the classic. So not only does the Mera incorporate all the functions of the Tuma and the Sela but with the Mera Comfort you can also have the option of orientation lighting and an automatic opening of the toilet lid. Creating a fully hygienic toilet that you can use contact free.

The Mera shower toilet has a lid that automatically opens as you approach
The lid also automatically closes too

If you would like to see all the WC’s mentioned in this blog then you can see them on display in our Faversham showroom. We look forward to seeing you!


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