• Top 10 Features of a Luxury Dressing Room

    With remote working becoming more popular, it is no wonder that we are looking for new ways to organise and develop spaces to get the most of the places we call home. With our new range of bedroom furniture, we can provide the opportunity to indulge in a little luxury. Take a look through our… (read more)

  • Testing Shower Wall Panels

    An option of wall finish for bathrooms, in particular the wet areas, are tiles but another is a waterproof shower wall panel. We have been selling these for over 10 years and chose the Nuance panels by a company called Bush Board. The interesting thing about these panels is they are completely waterproof through the… (read more)

  • Spills into a Countertop Extractor

    A few years ago I made a video to test and see the effectiveness of counter top hobs with extractors built in and catching the humidity that comes off food being cooked. The most popular comments on that video was : What happens when you spill things down into the extractor?! Well, by popular demand… (read more)

  • The Effectiveness of Counter top Extractors

    Steve with graph showing humidity recorded over hob

    There are now extractors which are built into counter top hobs where the air is drawn down through the hob instead of the traditional overhead extractor where the air rises up above. So, what do extractors do? They have two jobs: Firstly, they catch all the moisture and grease coming off the food that your… (read more)

  • How to Remove a Neff Slide & Hide Oven Door (and fix it when it goes wrong)

    The door on this oven opens and slides underneath the cooking cavity. After a customer called us struggling with this even after reading the instructions, I thought I’d do try it myself on our showroom oven. It took about five minutes but only once I figured out what I was doing after a 40 minute… (read more)

  • Installing a Steam Room In Your Home

    As you’d expect, steam room installation isn’t exactly a piece of cake, but should you give up on installing a steam room in your home? Imagine coming home after a stressful day and knowing that you can unwind in your private steam room! Yes, the process requires time, money, and effort, but it’s totally worth… (read more)