• Electric showers and why we don’t recommend them

    Photo of an electric shower

    At Roots we rarely recommend electric showers. For most of our customers, most of the time, non electric showers will perform better. This post will go into the detail of why we don’t recommend them. Even if you’re not looking for a complete bathroom from Roots we hope you’ll find this useful. Definitions: Electric showers… (read more)

  • Design details: Accessible and hidden storage

    We put a lot of effort into our kitchen designs. That’s easy to say but today I’m going to show examples in a room we recently designed, supplied and installed. Let’s skip the parts of making sure there’s a dishwasher, fridge, hob, place to prepare food – they’re obvious. I want to focus on the… (read more)

  • Notes on how to clean a kitchen

    Safe rules for cleaning your kitchen, based on combining guidance from all manufacturers: Wipe surfaces with a soft cloth If needed, a slightly damp cloth If still needed, a small amount of soap/detergent Things that will damage products abrasives chemicals That sounds simple, right? Well we all know it’s a little more complicated so lets… (read more)

  • Why is there a picture of a front door on your blog when you’re meant to be promoting kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms?

    Reader: Hey Steve, why is there a picture of a front door on your blog when you’re meant to be promoting kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms? Steve: Because we cover the whole project for our clients, and that included this door Reader: Tell me more! Steve: I’m glad you asked! Rooms that we work on are… (read more)

  • Shower enclosures for complicated spaces

    Sometimes I think it would be nice if the rooms we work in were simple, and square, and big enough to take a regular size shower enclosure… but then I remember how sometimes being forced to work within specific constraints can bring out the best in us all. I’m sure there’s a short motivational story… (read more)

  • Testing how loud extractors are – Steve’s latest youtube video

    At Roots we like to investigate products we sell as thoroughly as we can. Steve’s shared some of those investigations as youtube videos and testing if extractors that are built into hobs are effective at removing humidity has been very popular with over 120,000 views. A lot of the comments highlighted how noisy the extractor… (read more)