The Importance of Project-Managed Renovation – Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning to renovate your house anytime soon? If so, you should consider hiring a project manager for home renovation.

We all know the hassle of following up on workers, scheduling meetings, and staying within a limited budget. But what if someone can do all of that for you? Project-managed renovation is now an ongoing trend because it makes people’s lives easier.

If you want to learn more about the role of a renovation project manager and the benefits of project-managed renovation, jump in!

How Essential Is Project-Managed Renovation?

Although renovation is exciting and leaves room for creativity, it’s often hectic and causes stress for many people, mainly because of the responsibility. But nowadays, there’s a helpful option that consists of shifting that responsibility to someone else. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it?

The project-managed renovation will make your life easier, make the renovation process more enjoyable, and more.

Here at Roots, we promise full management and responsibility for your renovation project. No matter what work you need, we’ll take full responsibility for it and guarantee you peace of mind.

The Main Role of a Renovation Project Manager

A renovation project manager has many roles. First off, they’re responsible for taking your imaginative drawings and fixtures and transforming them into your dream project, all within a set schedule and budget.

They should also listen to your plans for the renovation project and estimate a budget. If you hire a project manager for your renovation, you should only be responsible for paying money and choosing what your house will look like once it’s finished.

Finally, project managers are responsible for dealing with contractors, building control, utility companies, and health and safety.

Is a Project Manager Vital for Every Renovation Project?

Not every renovation project requires a project manager, but they make your life easier. Also, the bigger your renovation project is, the more critical a project manager’s presence becomes.

To elaborate, if you’re planning a loft conversion, you might do well independently. But if you’re building something from the ground up or having a major renovation for your large house, then hiring a project manager is in order.

Another case where a project manager’s presence becomes vital is if you have no experience in the renovation field. For instance, if you’re renovating your place for the first time, you’ll need someone to help you with certain decisions.

Project Management Checklist

Every successful project manager should have a checklist of their tasks. This way, they’ll be more organized and efficient. Whether you’re curious about what they write or you want to be your renovation’s project manager, here’s what the list might look like:

Of course, this list differs from one project manager to another and according to the renovation project at hand. However, the general idea and roles are the same.

The Main Role of a Home Remodelling Project Manager

A home remodelling project manager will save you the hassle of following up on work in your house, understanding how to measure the square footage of a house yourself, and trying to commit to your remodelling schedule. 

Home remodelling project managers seldom work alone; they’re often backed up with entire teams to ensure that nothing goes out of place and the renovation runs smoothly.

The project manager’s role often starts in the designing phase. First, they’ll review the room plans and interior designs with you. Some companies also offer 3D images to make you imagine how the place will look better. That said, some customers prefer creating their own designs using the best free home interior design tools. Then, once you approve the designs, they’ll start working in the field.

If you’re too busy to be present at all times, don’t worry. Most companies are trustworthy enough to carry out the entire project without your constant supervision. You can let them update you through mail or WhatsApp.

Finally, a home remodelling project manager can take the entire house or only one room as a project. So, for example, if you want to remodel and design the perfect kitchen without the rest of your home, you should plan with your project manager beforehand. Here’s a kitchen design that we recently implemented and installed.

Is This Home Remodelling Project Manager Right for Me?

Before you hire a project manager, you should ask yourself an important question: Is this home remodelling project manager right for me?

To know whether they’re the right choice, you should ask about their experience in the field and how they’ve dealt with past problems. It’ll also be best to look for online reviews on their work. Customers often write honest opinions about the people they’ve worked with.

You can also ask the project manager how they’ll handle schedule disruptions, manage workers on the field, and stay within the stated budget.

The Qualities of a Good Project Manager

Every good project manager has unique qualities that make them who they are. For example, project managers should be able to lead a team strictly, stick to schedules, finish work in a timely fashion, and communicate with you efficiently.

More so, a good project manager should never lie about how slow or fast work is going, expected costs, and problems that they meet along the way. As a customer, you should stay updated with all of these details.

If they fail to meet any of the mentioned points, you might need to look for another project manager for your upcoming renovation.

Benefits of Project Management for Renovation Projects

Now, it’s time to tell you why project management is essential for your next renovation project. Here’s a list of the many benefits you’ll get when you hire a project manager.

Saves More Time

Hiring a project manager means you won’t have to follow up on the workers and contact material suppliers, health and safety, utility companies, and subcontractors. Accordingly, you’ll save the time you need to do other stuff like monitoring the renovation process and choosing designs.

Project managers are experienced and already know where they’ll get materials from and which people to turn to for specific jobs. Meanwhile, if you’re all on your own, you’ll have to look for each worker, make sure they’re trustworthy, and then contact them for materials, services, or whatever you want.

Guarantees Craftsmanship Quality

When renovating your house, you’ll want everything to be perfect and high-quality. Let us tell you that a project manager will ensure that you get it all.

First off, project managers are more experienced in the qualities of different finishes and materials. So, for example, if they know that a specific supplier sells low-quality pieces, they’ll advise you to look for another place.

Your project manager will be on the field most of the time and monitor workers and their progress. Accordingly, if they detect something wrong, they’ll be quick to solve the issue.

Solves Problems Faster

In all honesty, renovation projects rarely pass smoothly and without issues. Some problems arise at the most unexpected times and require fast solutions. That’s where your project manager will come to the rescue with their expertise; they’ll take full responsibility for the issue without bothering the customer.

For example, here at Roots, we take full responsibility for the workers on the field. So, if any problem occurs, we’ll fix it as quickly as we can. Accordingly, you won’t have to worry about it for a second.

Guarantees Easy Communication

If you’ve renovated your place before, you probably know all about the headache of needing your workers on the phone and not being able to reach them. With a project manager, you’ll never face this issue as you’ll have a contact who’s always available and responsible for all the workers on the field.

Commits to a Specific Budget

It’s no secret that committing to a limited budget for a home renovation is challenging, especially when you have no experience in the renovation field. However, project managers are experienced in such situations and will be able to estimate how much you’ll need to renovate your house.

Then, they’ll help you commit to the budget by telling you about cost-effective materials and prioritizing some rooms over the others.

Ensures the Result Meets Your Standards

The main issue with home renovations is that you might not get the results you imagined. However, if you communicate with your project manager well and tell them all about your hopes for your house, they’ll ensure you get what you need. So, for instance, if they see something in the house that you might not like, they’ll be quick to fix it or replace it.


What Will Happen if I Don’t Hire a Project Manager for My Renovation Project?

If you don’t hire a project manager, you’ll have to supervise all the renovation details by yourself, follow up on the field workers, and order all materials. Also, you’ll have to set a budget and put a schedule. So generally, we don’t recommend that you skip this step.

Do I Have to Hire a Project Manager for My Renovation Project?

The answer depends on how large your renovation is; if you’re renovating an entire house or office, you’ll do better with a project manager. But if you’re only remodelling one room, you won’t go through much hassle if you do it yourself.

What Factors Should I Ask About Before Hiring Home Renovation Contractors?

Before hiring home renovation contractors, you should ask them about their experience in the field, work licenses, references, and insurance. More so, it’ll be best if you tell them to estimate the project’s cost and put a schedule.


Although home renovations breed satisfying and beautiful results, they’re often hectic to follow up on and monitor, especially for people with no experience in the field.

If you’re planning a renovation and feel overwhelmed with all the details and the work you have on your hands, you should consider hiring a project manager. They’ll put a schedule, set a budget, follow up on the job, and ensure that the results meet your standards.

Here at Roots project management is something that comes as standard within our service. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve decided you would like to renovate your property, get in touch with us immediately!